About Us

About Us

Creativity Catapult is a research-backed, expert-curated collection of activities that promote creativity skills in children 2-14.

Developed by the Bay Area Discovery Museum, with its research division, the Center for Childhood Creativity, Creativity Catapult is an online collection of activities to promote children’s creativity development. Curated by experts with contributions from esteemed education institutions from around the globe, Creativity Catapult is intended for practitioners charged with raising a generation of future innovators – parents, teachers and informal educators – as well as kids themselves.

Activities can be filtered by age, topic, number of participants, level of difficulty, duration of time, and skill. The collection represents a broad range of interests and skill levels with topics ranging from cooking to coding.

Creativity is a fundamental skill in today’s rapidly changing world and we know creativity can be cultivated. In its research brief, Inspiring a Generation to Create: Critical Components of Creativity in Children, the Center for Childhood Creativity establishes a framework for building creativity in children: “Seven Components of Creativity” (imagination & originality, flexibility, decision making, communication & self-expression, collaboration, motivation, and action & movement).

Activities in Creativity Catapult are research-backed, with each linking to one or more of these seven components.

An external review board, comprised of experts in creativity development and education, also evaluated the activities. In addition to ensuring the activities promote creativity skills, the review board looked for activities that are naturally fun and interesting, and easy to do with inexpensive materials.

Creativity Catapult will continue to expand, with new activities being added all the time. Have one in mind? Submit here.

Creativity Catapult is made possible thanks to generous charitable support from The Walt Disney Company.